Trauma Informed
Conflict Management & Resiliency Specialist

 “In The Middle of Difficulty Lies Opportunity” – Albert Einstein

Conflict is about relationships, trauma impacts relationships and our innate resiliency traits allows us to adapt, learn and grow from the outcomes of our experiences. How we think about the adversity, conflicts, stressors, and traumas in our lives has a significant impact on our success, relationships, and productivity. I am passionate about helping others transform their challenges into a conflict resilient skillset. Having experience working in diverse, complex, and high risk, safety sensitive environments and with Indigenous communities, I can tailor my ADR services to the clients and organizations needs, priorities and environmental contexts. I approach conflict and difficult conversations from a place of curiosity. My fundamental pillars of dispute resolution are cultural sensitivity, trauma informed, neutrality, unbiased and anti-oppressive practices that promote strategies for optimizing resiliency.