Treena Reilkoff
Trauma Informed Conflict Resiliency & Resolution Specialist
International Trainer & Speaker

Treena is a Trauma Informed Qualified Mediator, Certified Resiliency Trainer/Facilitator, Psychological Health & Safety Advisor and Workplace Analyst and Restoration Specialist. Her credentials include a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Criminology and Psychology) University of Manitoba, Bachelor of Social Work, (clinical/forensic mental health) from the University of Victoria, Executive Certificate Conflict Management (Windsor Law School/SHG). She is also certified as Civil Mediator (Ontario – non-lawyer), Certified in Critical Incident Stress Management, and a Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor.

Treena has over 25 years experience working with complex, high risk, safety sensitive, multi-faceted scenarios, and environments. With a background in clinical mental health, behavioural analysis, criminal justice risk assessment, public safety case management, investigations, occupational health and safety, employee assistance, disability case management and adjudication, she provides specialized expertise to diverse client populations. She possesses substantial experience working in various environments such as government regulated, health care, educational, nonprofit, sporting, first responder, and union environments, with the persuasive negotiation talent to also mediate within civil and family dispute contexts and excels at adapting an ADR style that meets the clients needs.

Treena is a Member of the Board of Directors and serves as Chair of the Professional Development Committee for Alternate Dispute Institute of Ontario (ADRIO), a member of ADR Canada and Respect Group Certified. She is affiliated as a Mediator/Consultant with the Canadian Cannabis Dispute Resolution Centre and Workplace Resiliency Specialist with the International Workplace Fairness Institute.

Treena is on the roster with the Diversified Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada.