Consulting, Trauma Informed Mediation, Resiliency Trainer/Facilitator, Conflict Coaching, Workplace Culture Assessments, Leadership and Cost of Conflict Assessments, Workplace Dispute Analysis & Workplace Restoration, Critical Incident Stress Management Workshops and Keynote speaking.

Workplace Assessment & Restoration

Workplace Assessments and Workplace Restoration is a process that aims to re-establish positive working relations and restore the workplace culture, after an incident or investigation. We provide tailored assessments and recommendations to restore your workplace environment that align with your companies mission, values and strategic priorities.

Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace

Providing consultation, assessment and recommendations to support improving workplace cultures. By identifying the organizations pain points, unknown conflicts and gaps, related to the Canadian National Standards, WHO and ISO standards of Psychological Health and Safety, we can assist in providing a ROI by proactive risk mitigation recommendations. Proactive measures help create workplace cultures where employees thrive, become engaged and productivity improves.


From a diverse trauma informed lens, I act as a 3rd party neutral to help the parties in conflict reach a  resolution to their dispute in an collaborative effort. Understanding how trauma may influence the clients by impacting their memory, behaviour, communication, and sense of well being, I tailor my ADR practices to the clients needs and environmental contexts for which the conflicts arose. (workplace, civil, non profit, community, family).

Resiliency Trainer/Conflict Coaching/Consulting

Cultivating Conflict Resiliency in your personal, professional and workplace environment.

Workplace – ​Supporting your organization, leadership team and/or employees with the ability to identify their conflict resiliency traits, or transforming those strengths into operational and organizational strategic resiliency planning, that will support adaptation to the rapidly changing environments and needs we face today.

Family Separation/Divorce – Conflict Coaching, as experiencing a separation or divorce can be a traumatic experience and is correlated with grief. Learn how to empower yourself to work through the options best suited for your outcomes related to the choices you have to make – independent legal advice, self-represent, partial legal representation? 

Customized  Workshops/ Services & Keynote Speaker

Customized training workshops and services are available based on your personal or organization’s specific needs. These tailored programs can include training in the following areas:

  • Trauma Informed Practices/Communication/Management
  • Resiliency
  • Cannabis In the Workplace
  • Disability & Accommodations Management
  • Advisory Services & Communication Liaison for First Responders and Veterans with addressing Psychosocial and Medical Service Providers, Applications and Process.