After more than 30 years as a Lawyer and Mediator, I was truly enlightened by Mrs. Treena Reilkoff’s presentation on “Trauma Informed Practice” in relation to Alternative Dispute Resolution processes. Though Mediators know, intuitively, that parties bring their strengths & weaknesses, disputes and desires to the mediation table, Mrs. Reilkoff eloquently explained how human trauma, experienced at various ages and with varying impacts, can undermine a party’s ability to enter into and participate in a constructive ADR process. Learning more and knowing how to identify “trauma” adds another tool to my “Mediator” tool box and will definitely assist me in the future in better preparing parties for an ADR intervention. Merci Treena! your presentation was very much appreciated and my highlight at the 2022 ADR Institute of Canada (ADRIC) National Conference. Louise R. Guerrette, Canadian Legal Counsel, Member of the Québec and New Brunswick (1989) Bars, Certified Mediator

I was fortunate to attend a workshop on trauma informed mediation that Treena recently delivered at 2022 ADR national mediation/arbitration conference.
Her authentic delivery, deep knowledge of the subject matter and transparent facilitation style produced a first class training workshop. Treena’s focus on intergenerational and historical trauma was of particular interest and very engaging. I would recommend her for any of your training needs in building a resilient workplace culture. Alasdair Mackinnon, CMed, Family Mediator, Arbitrator

What a Blessing you were today. I am Tom Evans and a Cert Mediator, CPM and was IMA’s president years ago. Been Certified for many years, 1978, and have mediated from the states as well as Internationally. I once took a class in BC on Victim Offender training. Have had many trainings as well as taught mediation over the years. Not many impress me however your presentation touched on many things and one a I am especially familiar with, Vet Trauma. You did an excellent job spelling this out. I am a Vietnam Vet and many of us have PTSD (Survivor Guilt). Over my last 43 years of mediation, I have had many trainings from Family Law, Bankruptcy, Divorce, Victim Offender, small claims to name a few. I can’t remember being moved by anyone as much as I was with you. Thank you. You have a real Gift! Tom Evans, Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho

“Treena’s workshop on Trauma Informed practices should be taken by ANYONE who deals with client populations in any way. In a short two hours, she defines Trauma Informed, provides real-life examples of how it applies, engages the listeners, and leaves learners with a new set of tools for navigating the increasingly complicated intersection of mental health and professional life.”
Brian Knowler, CEO and Lead Trainer at Knowler Consulting – The Change Co.

“The entire communication’s branch of the Justice Department is super grateful that you took the time to meet with us virtually and for taking us through your resiliency workshop. During this unprecedented time, we are facing pressures and stressors that are testing our resiliency. Your presentation offered invaluable and timely insights, tips and techniques to identify our resiliency traits and to further develop our skills.”
Laura Storrie Senior Communications Advisor, Department of Justice Canada

“Treena set the standards very high for future training sessions – the expectation is to find another one as excellent as hers.”
Joy Moskovic, Treasury Board Canada

“I had the pleasure of taking Treena’s ‘The Trauma Informed Mediator’ training and learned a lot about how trauma affects our responses. The awareness she provided me will be beneficial in my workplace mediations and investigations. Her interactive presentation allowed me to consider how incidents that occurred in my life, inform how I react to situations now. I will be more aware of my reaction and the reactions of those of the participants I work with. Thank you Treena!” 
Tom Girling. Blue Mediation